The Disloyal Trump-Republican Insurrection Against We The People & American Democracy in our Nation’s Capital on 1-6-21, needs ALL Loyal Americans to Stand-Up as Patriots for Officer Brian Sicknick as well as the Impeachment & Conviction of ALL involved!

This last week saw the remains of Officer Brian Sicknick lay is honor and respect within our Nation’s Capital.  This reembrace and honoring of law enforcement was required only because of the words and actions that were falsely spoke against our sound democracy, and free and fair 2020 election, as well as against our honest Free Press and Rule Of Law.  Lies and falsehoods were spat upon Republicans, Democrats and the independence of We The People. 

Lies and falsehood were spued upon Americans by most of leaders of the Republican Party, and the un-American and false acting Right-Wing Media, as well as by ALL those following cult members who drank-in, retweeted and reposted the kool-aid of the everything of American falsehood, weakness and disease, without first verifying what were the facts with reliable sources.  Fools We The People are not; but like all people, fooled we can be!  Be no longer fooled by the big lie and little lies that have been defecated on We The People’s democracy and free press by the Forever-Trump-Republicans, by the Right-Wing media, or by their misguided and manipulated supporters and followers who tried to trump democracy and liberty with weak and unhealthy lies!

We The People of patriotic loyalty to The United States Of America, to The Rule Of Law, to We The People’s Constitution, democracy and republic, to Liberty And Justice For ALL, to honesty and decency, to GOD and Country, and to truth, strength and health growing stronger, ALL need now to stand-up and speak-up for Truth, Justice and The American Way and The American Dream, which was acted against by the Trump-Republican enabled insurrectionist of 1-6-21.

If you, my fellow We The People, read a word above that you do not agree with or that you think is not right, then please begin to check reliable, newsworthy, trustable actual news outlets, as well as the medical and scientific experts, who ALL agree on the common knowledge facts.  Because terrorist tried to end our American experiment in democracy by falsely claiming election fraud, only because there guy lost this last election, and they were manipulated into following a want-to-be-king Golden-Orange Cow false-god rope-a-dope silver-spoon-fed conman!

Wake-up We The People of loyalty and patriotism; and, bow-down no more!  Bow-down no more We The People to the weakening disease of the silver-spoon-fed Golden-Orange-Cow-false-god-want-to-be-king-conman, controlling the most of the Republican leadership and their lying media followers, who have sent America ‘up the creek without a paddle’. 

There is truth in this world, and without it present in life, weakness and disease naturally soon follows.  Follow the weakness and disease no more America.  Your Nation Needs You We The People, to open your eyes and ears to the facts, truth and reality of We The People of the United States.  In Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, We The People need ALL loyal and patriotic Citizens to begin to measure accurately what is truth and health and strength in life; and, to live and act for accurately measured-in truth, health and strength as The American Way becoming The American Dream of Liberty And Justice For ALL!

You got muscles, We The People, Test Me On the facts and truth of what I note above.  Test me by researching reliable sources of news facts that agree with other mainstream news fact sources.  And test me by researching the commonly accepted intelligence and scientific experts.  Test Me On It; because truth is health and strength for oneself and one’s Nation; whereas, falsehood is the falsehood or lie of what is healthy and strengthening.  Test Me On It, because truth and facts are healthy and strengthening.  Test Me On It, by honestly and accurately Muscle Testing the inherent measurable muscle strength held-in-return by any of my herein noted facts.  Author of liberty, Let mortal tongues awake; Let all that breathe partake; Let rocks their silence break, The sound prolong.  To thee we sing. 

Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough arises with health and strength being always more accurately measured in truth.