The presently in-control top political party speaks not of American justice or truth

The top, top American political leader, along with the top presently in-control political party, and in coordination with the White House Press Secretary’s statements today, have been claiming, or allowing the claims or implied claims, that the American justice process itself, as defined in our US Constitution and laws and regulations, is un-American!  But, it is those that taint the American Justice Department and system and process (Constitution, laws, regulations and departments), who are presently being and acting un-American!

The White House Press Secretary today stated that the fully legal and law abiding raid done yesterday, on the top, top American political leader’s personal lawyer’s property, was both a “witch hunt”, as well as stating that the legal raid was done according to the Justice System processes, which again then is to say that the American Constitution, laws and regulation, is what these top, top and top political leaders have now claimed to be an un-American witch hunt!

The presently in-control top political party speaks not of American justice or truth, in relation to their many historic dishonest statements and false claims, of there being absolutely no Russian collusion or coordination or business dealing, which were in fact ongoing during or just after the two-Thousand-Sixteen National election; for, these all were simply known falsehoods and lies, spewed and spit onto We The People, for the direct purpose of controlling political power, outside of the presence of honesty and congruent factual truth, by trying to weaken and manipulate We The People, as well as then the American Constitution, laws, regulations, Justice Department, Law Enforcement Agencies and democracy.

Our Founding Fathers’ and our Nation’s insightful and epic and world renowned American Constitution, laws and regulation, are the process of our American We The People democracy and FREE and fair elections and Justice System, which now the top presently in-control political party, in coordination and collusion with the top, top presently in-control political leader and the White House Press Secretary, actively or passively have claimed to be un-American, and an attach on our Nation, and a witch hunt.  But this has been done so, only in the weakness and disloyalty of falsehoods and illusions, being actively used to play upon the good natures and accurate understanding of We The People, relating to the presented ongoing attempt to undermine We The People’s unity and democracy as a free and democratic nation, for petty and weak undeserved personal, finical and/or political gain.  This is the real attack on our country, and an attack on what We The People, as a sovereign Nation, stand for!

If any acts of the Justice Department were ever truly measurable to be ‘witch hunts’, in direct relation to the top and top, top presently in-control political party and leaders and spokespersons, then very simple open and honest full disclosure, and including opening up Justice Department to full direct free access to any and all taxes, documents, agreements, and home or office computers, phones, e-mails and any other records and documents, would cure any true ‘witch hunt’, and end it immediately by open and honest full disclosure and cooperation.  Such honest and open acts have to date been not done!  And, We The People, and the world for that matter, do not even need to accurately Muscle Test the absolute universal human congruent factual truth, of this weakening unpatriotic and disloyal claim, which measurably falsely states that, the American Justice Department conducting itself, legally as allowed under the American Constitution, laws and regulations, …is a ‘witch hunt’ against America!  These are legal, and law and democracy abiding, Justice Department acts and actions; and, the only attack on American justice, is to falsely claim these as “witch hunts”, exactly like President Nixon did shortly before he was required to resigned.  The fact that there is already an abundance of publicly known and well justified reason to investigate the Russian election hacking and tampering, and the top, top and top presently in-control political leaders and political party, in relation to these acts against We The People, teaches America that common sense, logic and reason each and ALL dictate that, the only presently ongoing American “witch hunt”, is ongoing only by the top, top and top presently in-control political leaders and political party and spokespersons, which are blatantly acting against We The People and We The People’s democracy and sovereignty and Justice System, as The United States Of America, USA!

Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough arises We The People of America and the world, within the honesty of universal human congruent factual truth, beginning to more universally be measured into being by We The People universally.  The Science Of Muscle Testing Good Life Choices arises, to help those that have allowed the weakening disease of falsehoods and illusions to drive and steer their crooked and dishonest course, unmeasured.  Human falsehoods and illusions have been built upon and reinforced, by those of confused and manipulated moral ideals in top and top, top political and financial control of We The People.  And, it is only the accurate and repeatable universal scientific measurement of universal human congruent factual truth, that can end the tainted rule and dishonesty of those that presently need to be universally voted out of office and never supported again, by We The People of patriotic loyalty to the US Constitution and The United States Of America and Liberty And Justice For ALL!

Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough We The People, Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough.