Politicians that take blood money from the gun lobby, need now this day to never again accept the stain of the gun lobby’s blood money

Blood money taken by politicians so that they support ignoring the National disgrace and weakness, which is held within the We The People allowance of ongoing crimes of gun violence, needs some universal human truth.  Politicians that take blood money from the gun lobby, need now this day to never again accept the stain of the gun lobby’s blood money; and, need to now this day fully support laws that restrict gun violence, like Australia and Japan have done to great success in lessening their National gun violence against children and adults.  Otherwise, politicians that that continue to accept the blood money from the gun lobby, need to either always vote absolutely against ALL pro-gun laws, and support and vote only for any and ALL gun restrictions; or as politicians that accept blood money, they must now be fully recognized, and then be never ever supported or voted for again, by any loyal and patriotic and strong Citizens of The United States Of America, who care about our children and our National future.  The measured universal human truth and congruent human factual truth of this matter, is that many politicians ignore domestic gun violence, to only earn a pay check of blood money political contributions from the gun lobby; and, We The People of loyal patriotism need to now witness this fact of American life; and again, never ever again support or vote for any politician who now this day forward, continues to accept the blood money of the gun lobby, without full voting and supporting only laws and regulations that restrict any gun access.  Vote as you choose; and yet, do so while simply not accepting the gun lobby’s money, to in truth show true, and not bought and paid for, true support for how you vote, while then not being paid in blood money earned by gun sales to people who kill our children and other FREE Citizens.  Truth We The People, lives within the congruent human factual truth that, unregulated and uncontrolled guns within current laws and regulations, kill innocent children and other American Citizens!  Bazookas and rocket launchers are restricted, as also should be assault rifles, and any multi-shot or rapid-shot guns, which can and have been used, to kill and wound many children and other Citizens at once.  Look to the common sense found in Japan and Australia.

Protect our boarders and Citizens from the infusion of guns and gun violence, presently allowed within weak gun lobby funded and supported laws and politicians; and, protect our boarders and Democracy from the cyber hacking and acts of election tampering, which the Republicans in top political control, have allowed to continue without even any needed Russian sanctions being put in place, while We The People’s next FREE election looms as very vulnerable, to another Russian enacted and Republican allowed election hack and attack.  The congruent human factual truth is now on scientifically measurable, as is Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough We The People, Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!