The Science Of Holding God’s Hand In Return Is A Life Lesson In Truth CLASS

Thank you for your interest in universal human truth becoming universal human truth!

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Below is the handout for the class tonight.


Thank you for your interest in universal human truth becoming universal human truth!

Below is the handout for the class tonight.  Please contact me or post a question or a comment on my One Peace Press Blog site (, about Muscle Testing Universal Truth or any of my Aquarian Physics.


The Science Of Holding God’s Hand In Return Is A Life Lesson In Truth:

  • Overview of The Science of Muscle Testing Universal Truth

-The nature of the ALL of what Maintains human life itself and the everything of what Non-Maintains human life itself, as inherent meek muscle strength and weakness.  The meek will inherent the Earth!

-The nature of both physical and conscious human input, which each and both equate to measured human muscle strength and weakness physical events!

-Muscle Testing is explained and demonstrated within quantum physics conscious entanglement and the observer effect; random access generators, remote viewing; the hundredth monkey phenomena; and, hidden variables and mysterious ways..

-Applied Kinesiology; Dr. George Goodheart began International College of Applied Kinesiology; Dr. John Diamond recognized Behavioral Kinesiology in “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”; Dr. David Hawkins graphed human consciousness in “Power vs Force”; and, Aquarian Physics, One Peace Press defined and described the everything of illusion’s Non-Maintaining weakness and the ALL of FREEDOM’s Maintaining strength.

-Used by Applied Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Allergy Testers and Water and Mineral Dowsers.  Dr. Lee Vagt of Ukiah (

-Simple to learn and utilize to bring more human FREEDOM, health, strength and truth into one’s very own personal life itself.

  • The steps to scientifically accurately Muscle Testing Universal Truth

-FREELY choose to seek the ALL of accurate human universal truth, and find another human being who wants to do the same.

-Recognize one’s own personal areas of rigid thinking and possible illusion, so as to be able to actively consciously focus on being scientifically objective and neutral.

-Decide on an exact declared statement of fact, or a declared topic area statement of fact to Muscle Test For Universal Truth.  Good declared statements of fact are exactly worded, and without wiggle room.

-The word “accurate” has worked better at times than the word “truth”; because, We The People live within humanity’s present modern levels of human conscious enlightenment evolution.  And thus, humanity lives within humanity’s present levels of understandable universal truth; and therefore, this then is “accurate truth” presently.  And also then, there is measured to be …always more!

Stay present in the FREE breathing time, within life and Muscle Testing Universal Truth!

-Things that may cause humans to measure inaccurately are a little odd; and, the needs are as follows: Remove any metal across your midline (center line that divides the right and left sides of your body), such as necklaces, large belt buckles, metal glasses, devices; do not cross legs, arms, fingers or toes; and, harsh and mean and false to Maintaining life itself music and entertainment and images and stories and attitudes and interactions and rigid thinking and want cause inaccuracies when allowed to be present.

-According to one’s own methods, balance and center and pray and consciously focus oneself into a state of seeking only objective and neutral scientific physical event muscle strength or weakness universal truth measurements.

-Stand or sit or lay with your arm outstretched to one side and parallel to the ground; and, with a second person near enough to press lightly on your wrist upon a predetermined signal.  Or any position where your muscle strength can be measured.

-First always check your muscle measurement universal truth calibration; and, also do this after any muscle tests.  A good universal truth calibration personal declared statement of fact is as follows: “My name is (then say your true name accurately)!”.  You can also use a spouse’s or child’s or parent’s name stated as a truth, or a place of work or a pets name, like “My place of employment (or work or volunteer) is (then say the true name of this)!”.

-Recalibration-Rebalancing methods: Refocus your conscious intention to be sure that it is in absolute exact alignment with the words and intent of your declared statement of fact; Breath, relax, calm and balance an center oneself in to an objective and natural state of only seeking universal human truth; Cross-patterning walking or marching or crawling; The Buddha Laugh; The Thyroid Thump (Dr. John Diamond, in his book); Do a claming activity, like a cross-patterning walk in nature or wherever, or like a favorite fun and positive movie or part or a book; and, pause and give it some time.  If you are measuring off and opposite to a calibration check or to an opposite check, then you need to recalibrate!

-Second always check an opposite known falsehood declared statement of fact, to always measure and so feel within yourself both the truth-strength and falsehood-weakness muscle measurements.  ALL declared statements of fact being measured, should also always be measured as an opposite declared statement of fact.  This can be often done by just adding the word: “not” or “inaccurate”, such as: “The last sentence is inaccurate.” measures as falsehood-weakness, when accurately measured.

-Third always begin by measuring if you both or ALL have permission to accurately measure the statement or topic area that is to be measured.  The physics of the ALL of measured human motion mandates always more human FREEDOM, health, strength and truth.  And it is understood that, what is FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, is able to be accurately humanly measured.

-Now measure your FREELY chosen declared statement of fact, by simply stating it as an absolute stated fact!  Because, it is the universal truth of this declared statement of fact that then is measured.  Be sure to be objective and whole consciousness focused on only finding and so measuring truth.  And this includes aligning your stated and whole consciousness understood words exactly with the declared statement of fact!

-The second person then signals a moment after the declared statement of fact is made; and, then presses lightly down on your wrist in the direction of your feet with two or three fingers; and, your arm either measures as strength-truth, by remaining strong, and so does not move; or, your arm measures as weakness-falsehood, by moving slightly or significantly down in the direction of your feet.  That is it!

  • Start simple to get the feel, with only good calibration check statements. Stay in your FREE breathing present.  Beware and be aware of personal illusion.  Measure always for the greatest universal good for self and ALL!  Have fun and learn!  Share what you find useful and to be truth within your life!

Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough to ALL,

JC Worthington, RN



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