Do not fear the word …god, be scientific!

Do not fear the word …god, be scientific!  Do not fear the word god, for fear is the everything of falsehood illusion’s workshop!  The only thing to fear is the weakening fear the illusion’s falsehood itself.  In the name of science or reason or faith in known unproven claims, to categorically believe that god does not exist, is to be unscientific, unreasonable or unmeasured, in alignment with only the ostrich head in the sand, closed-minded, faith driven measurable weakness of being in illusion without proof.  Do not fear the word god.  Test the ALL On It!

Science has proven factual much of human life; but scientifically to day, science has not been able to touch the human concept of god, except in non-scientific, non-reasonable, non-measured and now on measurably false illusion.  The ALL of life itself FREEDOM that is always more Maintaining to life itself FREEDOM being Maintained always more, now accurately defined is simply, honestly, accurately scientifically measurable!  The logical simple truth that human health and strength always teach and create always more health and strength, and human disease and weakness the opposite, is the always more nature of life, which simply is in alignment with the historic concept of god.  If you claim scientific yourself, and you do not now measure these facts within accurate and objective Manual Muscle Testing to be true facts, then scientific you can not honestly claim yourself to be; for, measurably you would then be testing off.  Test Me On It, if scientific you be!

Physical measurement that is repeatable and verifiable is the foundation of science and Manual Muscle Testing equally!  Historic science has fallen short when human universal truth and god have been called into scientific question.  And to fear or deny anything only because of a lacking of scientific measurement, would equate to now known inaccuracies like, the sun revolving around the Earth, time being always measured as constant relative to velocity, and the now on equally measurable false claim of there being nothing like the human concept of god.  New science has always by physical measurement proven new understandings and recognitions, to result in new accepted scientific facts and postulates and truth.  New measurement tools and methods have granted We The People always more new scientific discoveries throughout human history, as telescopes, microscopes and particle generators ALL well show.  Scientific Manual Muscle Testing is simply a new measurement tool and method that now grants We The People always more new scientific discoveries, previously considered impossible or left to be claimed not to exist!

New truth is very often very hard to accept at first; but, denial without personal objective measurement is neither scientific, healthy or anything more than weakness.  Truth and falsehood both are measurable.  And presently only scientific Manual Muscle Testing proves accurate in physical event measurements of some human inputs, which modern and conventional science literally can not touch.  Logically and scientifically, only scientific Manual Muscle Testing, which can be understood to be Holding the ALL of life itself’s natural health and strength In Return, can possibly measure if Schrödinger’s cat in the box lives, as the quantum physics measurement problem is able to be solved only by Manual Muscle Testing scientifically accurately!  Remote viewing, particle spin entanglement over great distances, and the observer effect ALL point to the conscious entanglement of universal truth, now proven to be absolutely measurable within accurate Manual Muscle Testing!  Understand this point truly We The People, and seriously …Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough.

Man can not fly.  The moon is made of cheese.  The observer has no effect on the experimental results.  The tricks and posturing and violence of war can bring peace.  There is no universal truth.  There is no god, as historically humanly understood in general.  ALL, ALL, ALL these just previous written sentences can now on be scientifically measured to ALL exist as universal human falsehood and illusion muscle weakness, when objectively scientifically accurately Manual Muscle Tested!  Try it!

Man can fly in crafts.  The moon is not made of Swiss cheese.  The observer effect is proven.  Illusions, falsehoods, manipulations and controls of violence or non-violence hurt and harm by their very nature are never the truth of peace; and, only the truth of peace can bring Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough.  Universal truth is easily measurable in much human life.  What weakens weakens and what strengthens strengthens, is an absolute known fact in many proven ways; such as, truth strengthens and falsehood weakens can be measured universally; and, the concept of god lives as real.

The concept of god lives as real; although, it is also measurable truth that some of the concepts of god do not match or do not align with measured human common experience and now on measurable fact.  So humanity has had historic concepts about the ALL of god that have changed, evolved or been found to have some differences in wording, interpretation and scope over many thousands of years, as We The People have grown in conscious enlightenment and now on measurable need.  This is human nature and the nature of life itself as defined accurately to be FREEDOM that Maintains always more life itself FREEDOM Maintaining life itself.  Scientific fact that you can now on measure, as you be born in the image of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining!

Within many now on universally measurable human truths and accepted scientific and spiritual facts, also measurable now on is the everything of falsehood’s illusion, likewise with many historic names and measurable illusions.  To now on measure away human illusions and falsehoods of universal inherent human muscle weakness, is scientific fact that itself is likewise measurable.  The everything historically named as the illusion of life itself, being then the illusion of health and strength FREEDOM truth in many ways and forms, being accurately now on humanly universally measurable like never before, gives rise to now on measurable Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!  Post a reply comment, if you and yours find this truth message other than now on absolute human universal truth-strength measurements!

Do remain scientific and open to finding that now on measurable scientific fact, inherently can bring We The People measurable human truth and Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough.  Do not fear the word …god; for, you got human muscle We The People that can measure universal truth, now defined accurately.  Do not let the everything of fear or contempt for conflicts between different faiths and religions cloud oneself into an ostrich pose, as FREEDOM’s inherent diversity and conscious evolution to always more human health and strength is proven fact.  Allow not the everything of illusion or learned minor or major inaccuracies in modern interpretations or historic variations burden oneself with even more allowed in illusion, as both FREEWILL and illusion can mix with truth, and only one remains truth.

Do be scientific enough to try some objective physical event personal measurement of the ALL of One Peace Press, as well as this One Peace Press Test Me On It Truth Message, and any other One Peace Press Daily Truth Message!  The truth alive within We The People is the ALL of inherent natural reality, now on finally accurately found to be universally humanly measurable, within the very muscles of you and yours!  Do measure the word god; do not fear the word god!  Do measure the word truth; do not fear the word truth, even when new and so now naturally different.  Do measure the word FREEDOM; do not fear the word illusion or the everything of illusion any more.  Do measure in the ALL of truth; do measure gone and away for good the everything of falsehood’s illusion, for good, for good, for good.

Do not fear the word of anything; do measure in the word of truth FREEDOM always more!  Arise We The People; for, Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough is within thy fingertips.

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