New Life Day We The People brings Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!

New Life Day We The People is the common human recognition and understanding that our physical Earth, naturally begins life itself’s rebirth season, of the resurrection of the ALL of life itself within the Northern Hemisphere, now within our Spring Season of life itself Maintaining FREEDOM’s Maintaining!  New Life Day also is the historic human being spiritual …let’s just say housecleaning or rebirth and re-growth, where by the Spirit, or dare I say the historically understood and now scientifically universally measurable Holy Ghost, of life itself FREEDOM Maintaining FREE and natural and wholesome life goodness, inherently arises during this season of new life itself growth and light!

Spring marks the New Life Season of great physical life growth; and, the human season of enlightened and brightened consciousness and sun light, which now today is naturally shared with this year’s New Life Season Of Truth!

New Life Day We The People now marks the first day of One Peace Press Blog posting only today written and so posted, truth messages of Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough, now on being scientifically measurable to have begun!  Test Me On It!

Brave New Life Day …truth!  Truth within our present New Life Day being now on accurately scientifically measurable, by any human being, who FREELY chooses to honestly be brave enough to learn honestly the everything of falsehood that measurably lurks and manipulates even one’s own life, into the human weakness of falsehood’s illusion being considered truth’s FREEDOM; and yet, never shall falsehood be truth or illusion be FREEDOM!  Weakness smeared into strength is to knowingly make false or inaccurate statements!  Strength reborn from the everything of human weakness is We The People now on scientifically accurately measuring one’s own personal greatest human health and strength …FREE truth!

New Life Day is you yourself now on FREELY choosing to accept our present state of human disease and weakness as the allowance of war some more and falsehood’s illusion by only you yourself!  Or We The People, New Life Day is you yourself now on FREELY choosing to only …Test Me On It; and, One Peace Press …Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough FREEDOM’s truth!

We The People now must accept knowledge and personal responsibility; and so, now on do you yourself FREELY choose the weakness, which the continued allowance of the everything of falsehood’s illusion as war some more and US Against US, Divided We Fall easy prey; or We The People, know and Hold In Return personal responsibility, and so FREELY choose the strength, which is now on the honest and accurate use of objective, scientific Manual Muscle Testing For Universal Truth …Holding the ALL Of God Almighty’s Hand In Return, by any name given to that which has historically been named god and scientific truth, for now on always more US And US, United We Stand, Liberty And Justice For ALL for the ALL that is Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!

Spring is in the air, We The People …be brave and honest, even with yourself!  And, Test You Yourself On It ALL!