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One Peace Press is the ALL of Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!


Nurturing the Nature of Comfort and Health

New and historic science has advanced human knowledge and understandings about how individual human beings, you-yourself, mentally hold-in-return the power and ability to greatly influence both your daily and overall future life, for ill or good.

Happy Earth Day birth day to The Strength Within US ALL!

The Strength Within Earth Day is the birth day of We The People, beginning to personally learn that there are both congruent human factual truths, and congruent human factual falsehoods, within the world of humanity; and, that truths and falsehoods each effect human beings and humanity differently and opposite of each other; and, that The …

The presently in-control top political party speaks not of American justice or truth

The top, top American political leader, along with the top presently in-control political party, and in coordination with the White House Press Secretary’s statements today, have been claiming, or allowing the claims or implied claims, that the American justice process itself, as defined in our US Constitution and laws and regulations, is un-American!  But, it …