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The Disloyal Trump-Republican Insurrection Against We The People & American Democracy in our Nation’s Capital on 1-6-21, needs ALL Loyal Americans to Stand-Up as Patriots for Officer Brian Sicknick as well as the Impeachment & Conviction of ALL involved!

This last week saw the remains of Officer Brian Sicknick lay is honor and respect within our Nation’s Capital.  This reembrace and honoring of law enforcement was required only because of the words and actions that were falsely spoke against our sound democracy, and free and fair 2020 election, as well as against our honest …

Unconscious habits and behaviors can be made healthy again!

Productive and healthy Happy New Year to each and ALL! Thank you so very much to those supporters who have helped me plan, develop, and launch my Pioneering Healing Teachings Preserved campaign, with this year’s returning light and arising New Year. Applied Kinesiology and Neurointegration uses Muscle Testing to individually measure the personal weaknesses that …

Help support the safeguarding of a pioneering medical diagnosis and treatment method that is beyond other medical practices.

Please help fund my year apprenticeship commitment.  Learn more by going to my Go Fund Me webpage: May this Holiday Season of Returning Light bring always more light and enlightenment to you, John C. Worthington, RN